you couldn’t come

David Shrigley

I’m Creedence Clearwater Wright
best friend of Elodie Eye
we’ve been tight since Percy Elementary
class of 1985
we moved together out to Philly after college
took a two bedroom at South & 9th
I sold my violin so we could have it easy
El got her grandmother’s money when she died

we laughed like we were queens
& split our ballgowns at the seams
& every single time I’d dream
it was only El & me
but then she slipped away from me
she met a boy from New Jersey
& they fell fast in love of course
I swear it felt like a divorce

this September I’ll be 26 years old
& El’s the only one besides my dad
who’s ever said I love you Creedence

took got a job downtown
it’s an hour on the bus each way
typing letters for a lawyer in a bad toupee
it’s dumb I know but it pays okay

& did I mention I moved out
I got my own place off of South
& I’ve been living hand to mouth
for going on a year by now
& yes I still see El around
it’s different but I can’t say how
she cut her hair it’s back to brown
she’s living with her boyfriend now

& since September I’ve been 26 years old
she’s still the only one besides my dad
who’s ever said I love you Creedence


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Martin Parr / playing ukulele

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leave and relocate where rents are cheap and the nearest town’s name reminds me of a Shaggy’s song

more or less here

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alla stazione di vicenza

ho visto un metallaro acquistare un solero algida

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Status message #6

bofonchio (Skype)

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aveva la guance azzurre come il dorso di uno sgombro

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guarda che se continuiamo a mangiare corallo restiamo senza denti.

andiamo qui a mangiarci i carciofi.

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© Nicola Vinci 2008

currently here :
Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico Giudiziario
via dei Servi – Reggio Emilia
tel. 0522 451152 – 456249

6 May – 8 June: Mon-Fri 18.00 to 23.00, Sat-Sun 10.00 to 23.00

more info

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I can hear as you tap on your jar

sottotitolo: no need to pretend, today i suffered from this (poi mi spieghi perche in inglese)

lì ci riesce ancora di più,
la borsa non conta
conta solo che dentro di lui le rane si mettono a saltare e non si fermano
perchè guarda e vede un giallo che non è giallo tanto per.

ciao pietro, ma porca troia.
ci vediamo dopo va

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questo te lo devo dire in italiano

ah si
cosi la finisci di mangiarti le cotolette sotto al letto
poi ti svegli che dormi
ti soffi il naso e ti cadono le sopracciglia
tipo che se facevi la seduta spiritica di giorno invece non avevi paura
vedi che le conchiglie impanate ti fanno venire le ginocchia gonfie
mi metto nella busta e me ne vado a messa

even the ghost of the past (marcel dzama 2007)

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my calfs



here she is, here

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mettiamo un disco sul giradisco


promise me you will keep nosing around my flipperies.
flipperies like this.

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Happy birthday Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин

I’d like to paint your eyes (D. Hayman)

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Yes, those drawings on the floor are still there

today i woke up and my nose was bleeding

i was very thirsty, i remembered of Welldon Crescent, Harrow-on-the-Hill, London, UK

my view, August 2003

google maps view,March 2008

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Status message #5

i could drive forever – butter buscuits – winterlude – kate (MSN)

now listening to Lost Blues

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on march13th, this group of fine witnesses will make available the souvenirs they brought from Hong Kong.

visit them at 95 spring street, 2nd floor, new york
(open Tuesday – Saturday from 12 – 7)

or find cute items here: www.kioskkiosk.com

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The need for a new standard

My favourite type family @ TDC2 2008 Competition



some type resources:

Type Directors Club



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Il miglior pizzaiolo d’italia


Ninni è qui

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Status Message #3 and #4

sobrio come un arcivescovo (MSN)

a pavia frutta non ne cresce (MSN)

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Annabel Elgar

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Richard Avedon

Se non hai mai visto da vicino un lavoro di Mr R. Avedon, vai da Forma

Se l’hai già fatto, il miglior posto rimane questo

perchè Forma è caro ed approssimativo

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Status Message #2

when we were arrested we were bare-chested (Skype)

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Status Message #1

avete la testa piena di cazzate (MSN)

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The goal was to hibernate.

for those who appreciate folk-like music (like my grandmother)

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